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Review by Attorney Gerald Gunnoe

LegalMatch brings leads into our firm. It has provided my law firm with additional clients. The information comes in. I contact these potential clients. I see if they wish to come in for a free consultation. Not all of them become our clients, but some of them do.

For attorneys who do any advertising at all, LegalMatch is a business acquisition vehicle that does seem to work. That is why attorneys should get a LegalMatch membership. It is legal advertising that works.

For new LegalMatch member attorneys, I suggest that you should take time to follow up on every lead that comes in. It’s just a matter of setting up a system for reaching out to leads so it would be easier for you to contact them. Make the contact as soon as possible since there are other people on the list. If you don't make a contact quickly, they we'll be going somewhere else. Responding to the leads quickly is a sure way of getting the most from your LegalMatch membership.